China after Thirty Years of Reform: 
Critical Reflections
boundary 2 – Volume 38, Number 1, Spring 2011
Coedited by Q. S. Tong and Jiwei Ci

Thirty years after the reform, China has emerged as a site of paradoxes and contradictions. ContemporaryChina cannot be fully understood unless some of its most significant new features are identified, analyzed, and comprehended; but our attempt to understand what is unfolding in China requiresan acknowledgment of the inadequacies of the accepted views and formulations about the country. By foregrounding some of those problems that this special issue of boundary 2 seeks toidentify, analyze, and understand, the introduction urges for the need to move beyond the existing theoretical paradigms and categorizations for describing China’s political and socialformations, and to develop a more nuanced critical language for the complexities of contemporary Chinese society.” 

– Q.S. Tong, from “Introduction” (Abstract)

For more info (abstracts, contents) see:  (24 Feb 2011)

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