Feel that your jokes have been falling flat lately? Enough that you’ve even started wondering whether China is a grand experiment in irony and deadpan humor? This week on Sinica, hosts Kaiser Kuo and Jeremy Goldkorn are delighted to invite guests David Moser and Jesse Appell on our show for a discussion on the differences between Chinese and American senses of humor, asking why these two cultures feel so different and where – if anywhere – they meet?

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Forget Fifty Shades of Grey. In China, “bureaucracy lit” is flying off bookstore shelves. With the books’ stories of Machiavellian office politics, they’re read avidly, both as entertainment and as how-to guides for aspiring civil servants.

So what is the secret to success in the corridors of power?

Here is a five-point guide to success, with tips gleaned from the pioneers of bureaucracy lit.

Become a Successful Chinese Bureaucrat, in 5 Easy Steps – Louisa Lim, NPR.