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“Japanese PM Shinzo Abe has visited the US naval base at Pearl…

“Japanese PM Shinzo Abe has visited the US naval base at Pearl Harbor, where he offered ‘sincere and everlasting condolences’ to the victims of Japan’s attack on the base 75 years ago. ‘We must never repeat the horrors of war again, this is the solemn vow the people of Japan have taken,’ he said.”

For more, see “Japan PM Shinzo Abe Makes Landmark Visit to Pearl Harbor,” BBC News (27 Dec 2016)

Image: AFP

“China’s expansive assertion of sovereignty over the South China…

“China’s expansive assertion of sovereignty over the South China Sea suffered a major blow Tuesday when an international tribunal ruled that its claims have no legal or historical basis, throwing up the possibility of a new period of tension and confrontation in the region.Beijing fiercely rejected the decision by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague, which sided unequivocally with the Philippines against China. The United States urged calm.“

For more, see Simon Denyer and Emily Rauhala, “Beijing’s Claims to South China Sea Rejected by International Tribunal,” The Washington Post (12 July 2016)

Image: Lars Karklis / Washington Post

“Memorial Day weekend is normally party time on Gate Street, a…

“Memorial Day weekend is normally party time on Gate Street, a seedy strip of bars and clubs outside a giant United States Air Force base here. During this year’s holiday, though, Gate Street was all but deserted, its customers — young Americans from the military installations that blanket much of this southern Japanese island — barred by their superiors from partying in public.

The reason: a recent murder that has angered Okinawans and damaged relations between Tokyo and Washington.”

For more, see Jonathan Soble, “Okinawa Murder Case Heightens Outcry Over U.S. Military’s Presence,” The New York Times (4 June 2016)

Image: Adam Dean / New York Times

“Barack Obama called on the world to choose a future where…

Barack Obama called on the world to choose a future where Hiroshima was considered ‘the start of our own moral awakening’, as he became the first sitting US president to visit the Japanese city, 71 years after its bombing ushered in the nuclear age he vowed to bring to an end.”

For more, see Justin McCurry, “Barack Obama Says Memory of Hiroshima ‘Must Never Fade’,” The Guardian (27 May 2016)

Image: Carolyn Kaster / AP

“Eleven United States presidents have been elected since…

“Eleven United States presidents have been elected since President Harry S. Truman decided to drop an atomic weapon on Hiroshima, and none has set foot in that traumatized city in the 71 years since, at least not while in office. President Obama intends to end that streak with his visit on Friday, a decision that speaks volumes not only about his presidency but also about the increasingly worrisome struggle among powers great and small in East Asia.”

For more, see Gardiner Harris, “In Obama’s Visit to Hiroshima, a Complex Calculus of Asian Politics,” The New York Times (25 May 2016)

Image: Doug Mills / The New York Times

“When the Justice Department arrested the chairman of Temple…

“When the Justice Department arrested the chairman of Temple University’s physics department this spring and accused him of sharing sensitive American-made technology with China, prosecutors had what seemed like a damning piece of evidence: schematics of sophisticated laboratory equipment sent by the professor, Xi Xiaoxing, to scientists in China.The schematics, prosecutors said, revealed the design of a device known as a pocket heater. The equipment is used in semiconductor research, and Dr. Xi had signed an agreement promising to keep its design a secret.

But months later, long after federal agents had led Dr. Xi away in handcuffs, independent experts discovered something wrong with the evidence at the heart of the Justice Department’s case: The blueprints were not for a pocket heater.

Faced with sworn statements from leading scientists, including an inventor of the pocket heater, the Justice Department on Friday afternoon dropped all charges against Dr. Xi, an American citizen.”

For more, see Matt Apuzzo, “U.S. Drops Charges That Professor Shared Technology with China,” The New York Times (11 Sept 2015)

Image: Mark Makela / The New York Times        

“Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Friday released a…

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Friday released a statement marking 70 years since the end of World War II.The statement had been watched closely by neighboring countries on whether it would include an apology for Japan’s wartime acts as expressed by its past leaders. Former Prime Minister Tomiichi Murayama, who issued a groundbreaking statement in 1995, had also called on Mr. Abe to sincerely apologize for the country’s wartime aggression.”

The Wall Street Journal has published the English translation of the full text of the statement here: “Full Text: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s World War II Statement” WSJ (14 Aug 2015)

Image: Kyodo / Reuters

“Using the carefully chosen words that govern reckonings with…

“Using the carefully chosen words that govern reckonings with Japan’s militarist past, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe reiterated his country’s official remorse for the catastrophe of World War II on Friday, the eve of the 70th anniversary of the war’s end.In a nationally televised address, Mr. Abe described feelings of ‘profound grief’ and offered ‘eternal, sincere condolences’ for the dead. He said Japan had inflicted ‘immeasurable damage and suffering’ when it ‘took the wrong course and advanced along the road to war.’

But in a potentially contentious break with previous expressions of contrition by Japanese leaders, he did not offer a new apology of his own.”

For more, see Jonathan Soble, “Shinzo Abe Echoes Japan’s Past World War II Apologies but Adds None,” The New York Times (14 Aug 2015)

Image: Chris Mcgrath / Getty Images

“China’s startling attempt to assert control over vast waters…

“China’s startling attempt to assert control over vast waters has alarmed nearby countries and escalated tensions with the US. Howard W French reports from Hainan, the island at the heart of Xi Jinping’s expansionist ambitions.”

See Howard French, “What’s Behind Beijing’s Drive to Control the South China Sea,” The Guardian (28 July 2015)

Image: Digital Globe / Getty Images