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“After a wave of criticism online, administrators of the…

“After a wave of criticism online, administrators of the Confucius Temple in Beijing said they planned to replace a plaque bearing an inscription by Mo Yan, who was awarded the 2012 Nobel Prize in Literature.

The wooden plaque features the characters ‘Qian Long Shi Jing,’ or Stone Classics of Qian Long, and is the marker for an exhibition hall housing stone tablets engraved with excerpts from Confucian classics during the reign of the 18th-century emperor Qian Long. Three smaller characters indicate that the inscription is by Mr. Mo.“

For more on the story, including details of the criticism and ongoing discussion of the inscription on the plaque, see Cherie Chan, “Confucius Temple in Beijing to Reverse Course on Mo Yan Inscription,” New York Times (18 May 2015)

Image: Ren Zhong